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About author

Nebojša Ivanović was born in Vlasotince in 1964. and he is surgeon oncologist. Nebojsa is Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. He is one of the few doctors who invented his own surgical technique in breast cancer surgery, and published it in the world leading magazine for the area, “The Breast”.

Doctor Ivanovic also deals with surgery thyroid, melanoma, colon cancer, liver cancer…

He is author of several scientific papers: The number of negative nodes as a prognostic factor in breast cancer: A difficult concept to defend“, „Is there any place for the N/T quotient as a prognostic factor in breast cancer?“, „Fragmentation of axillary fibrofatty tissue during dissection facilitates preservation of the intercostobrachial nerve and the lateral thoracic vein“…

Nebojša Ivanović is also the cellar-master Knights of Wine “Simeon” from Vlasotince.

The book “About females and males” is his first published book.